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Let’s face it, all pets poop; my dog poops, the bird poops, even the fish poop.  What to do with all that doo doo?  Well if its puppy poo that you’re looking to unload (pun most certainly intended!) give me a call and I’ll send out our Poop Scooper Extraordinaire to do the dirty work for you.  That’s right, you can have a professional pooper scooper in your yard too!

Who’s the scooper that picks up poop, why me (Deb Parks) of course!  I’m a professional poop scooper, turd herder, a one woman doggy landmine removal service, the pet poop pick-up artist, Queen of Pooh, poop scoop specialist, the great pooh finder, the poo poo locater, doggie doo disposal doctor,  hey poop lady!  If your dog poops it, I scoop it!

Seriously though, have you ever stopped to wonder what’s in all of that dog doody?  All of that stinky, squishy, poopy, piles of crud that sit in your yard?  You know the yard, the one you’d like to enjoy if only there weren’t so many of rovers leftovers everywhere. I know what you’re thinking, “My yard minus fidos doggie logs, beauuuutiful!” 

Wait, what was the question?  Oh yes, have you stopped to think what the family pet leaves behind?  If you’re ready for that answer grab a plastic bag and a steaming pile of fresh doggie poop … YIKES!  Yes that’s why the vet has you bring in a sample.  The family dog can act as a host to several types of worms including roundworms, hookworms, tapeworms, and whipworms.

Nugget of info here:  several worms that infect, or re-infect your dog can also infect humans – you, your kids, your family and freinds!  This is why it’s so important to have your dogs feces checked for worms on a regular basis.

Prevention starts with a fecal float (the testing of dog droppings), worming (if needed), and the removal of pet waste from your yard (at least weekly but more often if possible).  You may ask why the dogsters droppings need to be removed to prevent a worm infestation, here’s the scoop on your dogs poop: if your dog is infected with worms it will pass the eggs into the environment through its feces.  Once in the soil (through pet droppings and the decomposition of dog waste) some eggs can live for years until they are picked up by the family dog or an unsuspecting human host (ya that’d be you, your family or anyone else who enters your yard).  This cycle can be stopped through regular vet checks, worming (if needed) and the removal of doggie waste from your yard.  Hey, I pick up poop! What’s that you say?  You need a scooper!

The Poop Scooper Extraordinaire is signing out with this thought, “An ounce of prevention beats a pound of cure”.