Know Your Dog
Playing with your friendly dog is one of the perks of picking up poop.  If your dog doesn't mind us in the yard, we don't mind them!  J
However, if your dog is aggressive or has shown aggression in the past, please think of your scoopers safety and confine your dog at the time of service.
Unrestricted Access
If we can not access your yard due to a locked gate or an aggressive dog, you will be charged for your normal visit.
Yard Maintenance
Overgrown lawns, landscaping, leaf litter and debris, may prevent you from getting the best service possible. 

If we can't see it, we can't scoop it! 

Actually, if we can't see it we're more apt to step in it.  Squuuuuish ... PU!
In order to clean and provide you with a timely service, The Pooh Crew needs unrestricted access to your yard.
Does your dog greet everyone with a tail wag and sloppy kisses, or snarl and snap at strangers?
We Scoop It     Bag It     Haul It Away
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“Thank you for your service.  You are very friendly and do a great job!” -- Amy S.

“Thanks for your great service!” -- Cary Z.