What We Do
The Pooh Crew works year round to provide our customers with a clean and healthy yard. 
Residential Cleaning:
Our Poo Technicians will thoroughly clean your yard of all accumulated waste, double bag it and haul it away. 
It's time for you to rest easy and enjoy your yard.  Let us take care of scooping the poop for you.  
One Time Clean Up:
Wake up one morning to a yard full of doggie doo, a party to plan and no time to clean?!  Call on The Pooh Crew, we will gladly clean your yard and put you back in control.
Commercial Cleaning:
Apartments, Condos, HOA's, Parks and Recreation - Please call for pricing.  Our Scoopers will be more than happy to discuss your needs, walk the property, and provide you with a free estimate.
We Scoop It     Bag It     Haul It Away
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The Pooh Crew
A  Dog Waste Removal Service

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I love my clean yard and so does the dog!
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